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10 Things You Can Do To Drive Traffic And Links To Your Latest Blog Post Today

While it’s true that content marketing is all about the long term, it’s always nice to publish a blog post and see hundreds of people making their way over to your site to read it. For me personally, this both helps me to stay motivated and allows me to enjoy a nice bump in followers and subscribers every time I publish. So instead of sitting and waiting for readers to appear after making a new post, I created a series of small promotional processes that only take about 15 minutes each, but that bring some juicy targeted referral traffic to my sites.

These processes are the same ones we use to promote client blog posts in our blog management service.

I hope you get something out of learning about them, and I hope they help boost your referral traffic on posting days!

1. Use the power of Reddit

Reddit may be the most active internet community these days, and it’s variety of uses has been proven time and again. From helping find the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings to digging up the world’s cutest cat photos, you can find it all on this site. It also serves as a reliable promotional tool. To promote your article simply find subreddits related to what you do and post your content.

Pro tip

Redditors tend to hate self promotion. Make sure you’ve built some karma and good contributions before you start to post your own stuff or you’ll get down voted very fast and banned from the community.

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2 - Join related Facebook private groups

A little less advertised and harder-to-find than G+ communities, there are a ton of closed Facebook groups about specific topics that will happily allow you to share your content as long as it’s related to that topic. To find them simply search “groups about x” on Facebook, with “x” being whatever topic it is you’re looking to post about. Then find popular groups and request to join in.

Pro tip

A lot of communities are centered around 1 brand or website. Check if others are posting links to other sites before you post yours in order to ensure you don’t break the rules of the group and get banned / flagged for spam.

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3 - Join related LinkedIn Groups (B2B Only)

LinkedIn has its own version of groups. If you are doing B2B, I strongly suggest you join and participate in the groups related to your industry. You may receive only traffic to your website, but also potential clients. In the Linkedin search, simply type your topic keywords and search for related groups.

Pro tip

Make sure your profile is complete with a ton of recommendations etc. This will help bolster your credibility in the eyes of group members and will earn you click throughs. Also bear in mind that you can only join 50 groups on LinkedIn, so choose wisely!

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4 - Comment on related forums & community sites

Aside from social media, there will be a couple other types of sites running on different forum platforms that have to do with your niche. Find them (by searching for your keywords and discussions filter in Google) and after building some authority, start sharing your stuff and instigate conversations related to your topic.. Often times on these sites, you can link to your website on your profile or signature, which is another little trick that will boost both your SEO and referral traffic.

A few examples of such sites in the internet marketing niche are:

  • inbound.org
  • moz.com/qa
  • reddit.com/r/bigseo
Pro tip

Build alliances with other members by upvoting their content (as long as it isn’t in competition with your own). Very often they’ll get the hint and return the favor, creating free traffic for you both to enjoy.

5 - Get Stumbling

StumbleUpon is one of the few online communities that still beats out Reddit in terms of traffic. People go to this site to find new and interesting things. If your content has some kind of broad appeal that you think might be picked up by users, you can add it to StumbleUpon’s directory by simply submitting it on the submit page.

You might get spikes of traffic similar to this as a result of a 15 second stumble. Totally worth it.

Pro tip

If you see a piece is doing well organically with free stumbles, you can push it even further with paid stumbles that can in turn earn you more free organic stumbles.

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6 - Promote an epic image on Pinterest Community boards

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks at the moment. If your target audience is mostly female, and your topic is well-supported by graphics, then this is a platform you will want to try and use to drive traffic to your posts. This technique works most effectively if you’re working in niches having to do with shopping and health.

Some of these boards count tens of thousands of members to promote your stuff to.

Pro tip

Produce custom imagery summarizing your post for Pinterest. This will increase the repins and click throughs to your site dramatically

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7 - Answer related questions with your link on Quora

Quora is a big site that generates a lot of traffic. If your blog post solves a problem (like the one you’re reading now!) then work to find related questions on these sites and craft a personalized, insightful answer that includes a link to your post. This will drive overtime traffic to your site and allow you to gain precious followers, assuming your answers are insightful and of high quality.

Pro tip

The traffic from Quora tends to be a lot more engaged than the traffic from Yahoo! Answers. I recommend focusing on that platform.

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8 - Comment on blogs using commentluv

CommentLuv is a WordPress blog commenting system that allows the user to promote their latest blog post. By commenting on blogs that have that system enabled, you will not only get new links but also build new avenues for referral traffic to your site.

Pro tip

To find commentluv enabled blogs, use the following custom search engine (you'll have to opt in to use it).

9 - Outreach and email your list

This one is very basic but I’m always amazed at how many people still do not collect emails and email that list when they publish a new blog post. This can be done automatically by most email providers and allows you to get instant traffic and shares for everything you publish.

Also, every time you quote some other website on the internet, make sure you email them to tell them about it. Pride almost always gets them to share it on their social profiles resulting in more traffic to your site.

Pro tip

If you’re on WordPress and are running on a low budget, use Thrive Leads to automate email collection and automatic emailing when you post new posts.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I’d like to hear what you think. Do you have any favorite quick promotion tactics? Please share in the comments section!

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